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very back and forth about if i should remove certain demons from my pantheon, such as Asmodeus and Mammon, who seem to be more rooted in Judaism. I'm not jewish and i am very much against cultural appropriation! I might just keep my pantheon limited to a few demons for now.
theisticsatanism 2 months ago

i will be archiving all my old pages about Asmodeus, Beezlebub, Mammon, Belphegor, and Leviathan as i feel because they have such a foundation in Judaism or have links to them i don't want to step on any toes. i'll fix my site shortly

Cool website! Lots of info, interesting resources, and beautifully written prayers.
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theisticsatanism 3 months ago

thanks!!! a lot of my prayers are inspired by others, and i try to work on my site often but i've been lazy. love your site too!!! ave satanas!

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