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ATTENTION: It has come to my attention that previous versions of my website have been childish. In response, my site is undergoing a major overhaul to host a project.
Aurora was updated.
10 months ago
thanosxp 7 months ago

Ok, I have an announcement to make. NONE OF MY SM64 BETAS ARE REAL. However, that may change -- I just need to ask Jim, who developed at Nintendo in the 1994-96 range.

Big announcement! If you read Katabasis, you're stupid! (but seriously furries need extreme mental therapy)
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prevuefrix 9 months ago

read it and it was cool, dunno what you're on about.

prevuefrix 9 months ago

also nice self like lmao

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I'm working on Super Mario 64: Beta Restored!
For some reason, phils wants to be a cat. WHAT?! I think he doesn't realize that if he was a cat, he wouldn't even be making a site.
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thanosxp 11 months ago

Also, "The Home of Real P---ing" is not a good look on his site.

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prevuefrix 9 months ago

does it matter

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