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0 tips I found out where the messages went. Gonna go walk into the ocean now
possideo 1 year ago

This isso fucking embarrassing anyway re-coding the entire thing the layout sucks and I somehow broke it beyond repair when trying to salvage it so starting over is my best bet

does neocities just not like me why cant i post a comment :sob:
im redoing this the more i look at my coding the more irrationally angry i get
is it gonna let me post messages now. Please
I dont know if its gonna let me post now but anyway I turned my thing to 18+ mainly just to keep it a bit more private while its a massive WIP
I feel like an old person how do I use this site CHRIST
I'm recoding my entire site what the hell was this layout
mahoyaku & seeeeecun
possideo 1 year ago

I JUST SAW THIS SORRY but Yeah!!! love seeeeecun and mhyk

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