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Love your website, inspiring me to do some coding again ^_^
omoriboy 1 year ago

i like urs too omori!! reminds me tht i really need to get onto finishing mine

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crannuisance 1 year ago

quiizzzss, how'd you get the omori font to work!? I uploaded it onto my files and it works locally but not on anything else ~_~

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omoriboy 1 year ago

u already have the font on ur site ahh i was too slow.. but ill be honest i have NO DAMN IDEA how i got it to work. to me it just magically happened one day

ahhh followers.... hi...... i think like a FOURTH of my views are actually just from me constantly rechecking my site to see if my updates work. but hi!
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omoriboy 1 year ago

wait a second im looking at my stats and HUH????? WHAT. the curse of having a canon url ig

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