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i dont really like omori but your site is very cute and themed very well after it :) good work
omoriboy 7 months ago

tysm!! i like ur site alot too its very fun. and tbh idk how i even feel abt omori at this point so i get u

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so i moved laptops good news i am no longer working with a lenovo of all things. bad news new laptop = new aspect ratio and oh my god my site looks like ass on this what the fuck!!!!!! i spent so long coding the layout and shit for it too im not completely sure what to do abt it. i dont wanna end up having to rework the whole layout every damn time..
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omoriboy 8 months ago

sniffle cry i shouldve used em instead of px i think tht mightve been what fucked me over ....

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omoriboy 8 months ago

WAIT. no. no it looks weird on firefox, on chrome its just fine (i originally coded the site in chrome on my old laptop). dont know how im going to fix this but okay

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