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this is really cool!!
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THANK YOU FOR Posting THIS !! i needed a consistent template for my ocs..
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This is a fantastic concept!! Thank you for making it available!
All files wont't work
Thank you for your work. I've been meaning to actually work on my world / OC information but I've been just dreading doing it just because I just have so many OCs and I didn't even know where to begin (my ADHD was repulsed). This is GREAT jumping off point for me. Thank you again.
oc-hub-template 1 month ago

OH DAMN i forgot neocities doesn't really. send notifications for comments so just saw this. fuck yeah you got this!!!! :3

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based based website
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oc-hub-template 2 months ago

good news! the quick fix for the less-long monitor issue was literally just to make the sidebar collapse to the top earlier like it does on mobile we're fully good to go now

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