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Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that somebody has potentially identified what happened when you tried Startron and that a fix will be going into v0.26 if you want to try it again :)
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maniacworld 3 years ago

Tried the first time and it didn't work, but i figured out why and the game is working now, it wasn't working because i haven't installed net framework 3.1.0 (i had a more recent version) maybe it was my mistake from the start heh. The error on cmd was showing me that but since it was closed right after popping up i couldn't read it, i just was able to read it because i opened it on cmd from the start.

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maniacworld 3 years ago

And thanks for remembering me of your game, now i'm trying to understand how to play it and it looks fun.

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startron 3 years ago

Awesome - glad you're able to get in now - be aware there's a lot that doesn't work or isn't finished at the moment, so don't worry if there's something you can't do yet :)

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