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Guess who figured out how to add links to his sidebar? This guy! It was easy. Way super easy. Working on the interests tab next! I have my favorite games in there right now ^_^. I know my website is like, mega text heavy you are just gonna have to deal with it!
jacksoffice 1 month ago

I'm also gonna re-add my webring thing when I work on Jack's page. I'm also gonna see if there isn't a good way to show off multiple images becuase I have art of him I wanna share. Maybe I'll need to make a shrine page? Or find code for like... a gallery or something?

jacksoffice 1 month ago

And also, when I do the guestbook section I'm gonna need to like look around for whatever people use for that! I am not knowledable on guestbooks so. Reasearch! Yay! I'm also gonna add a way to contact me on the guestbook page because that feels fitting to me 8). Many exciting updates to come!

You have been added to the Self-Insert Webring! Your assigned number is 118. Copy the code from this page and change the 0 to a 118 so that it will work properly! If the code doesn't load on your page at first, try pressing CTRL + F5 to refresh the page! Thanks for joining!
jacksoffice 1 month ago

Thank you for adding me! I have it up in a temporary spot for now. It'll probably be moved once I figure out on adding pages + linking them back! ^_^

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