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Nice website! Free TIP for expanding your catalogue: Non-hertzian tesla technologies sound like a great topic to delve in deeper. ^^
Interesting website! I'll be looking from time to time :-)
Thanks for the follow :) Your site's aesthetic is amazing (is that Minecraft font I see?). Everyone on Neocities is such an artist! Couldn't be me, lol
growlingspace 2 months ago

Yeah! I love using custom fonts to add a bit more soul to the website haha. You're website looks great though, otherwise I wouldn't have followed. Make sure to keep up the content (and integrity), i'm rooting for you :)

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casuistry 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the compliment! After reading your writings, I just want to say you're what I aspire to be: someone baring their soul in their own unique way. So I'll keep up the integrity (although it may not seem like it at the moment if you check my site...)

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