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I might be getting a laptop soon, so I’ll finally be able to code on something other than my iPad.. yay!
Remade my button. Don’t forget to update the code if you have it!!! It’s a gif now!!!
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Though I’m taking a break, I might still work on things behind the scenes. I’m planning on reworking, or at least editing the site layout. I don’t like it currently. I didn’t put much care into it.
I’m taking a break.
Me making 100 projects, not doing any of them, and then wondering why they are not done yet???
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Never satisfied with my site..! URGH!
Posting this from the nintendo 3ds. [100 emoji]
fairypink 3 months ago

It. is 1am

Currently working on a little quiz and an updated about me section.
I don’t know what to put in my index. It feels like art block but with coding.
shionlace 4 months ago

I relate to this sm !! Especially when you keep scrapping ideas because they just didn't hit the nail TT

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Hello, I’ve linked your site to my page. I adore it. There is a lot of pink.
lazer-bunny 4 months ago

Thanks so much, I added your site's button to my page too! Pink websites are the best (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡


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