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hi lily. your website is cute, but why is the intro button a sparkly gun? no other part of your website has that sort of tone....? ---Dee
sparklelollipop 2 months ago

oh i just saw it was pink + had hello kitty on it so i thought it was cute yknow !! im not actually a gun fan or anythin !!

dee-light-ful 2 months ago

ok.... if this is some sort of long con, I still wish you well and your website is still cute. nothing wrong with being a gun fan

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Your website is very pretty. The use of music is tasteful. I am a being from a land like Jinczinka. I make a website because my life in the external world is limited and my version of Jinczinka is my realest world. Lets be friends.
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eplenas 2 months ago

thank u for the kind words. of course we can be frens :]

Hi Samhita. I like your website, it is very cute and has pretty cool holographic buttons :) ---Dee
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candyjam 2 months ago

Awww thank you! ( 。^ヮ^。)っ

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