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pnnamerica 3 weeks ago


pnnamerica 3 weeks ago

Man, my DS has a cracked screen because I put it in my shoe for 2 seconds and then stepped on it like a retard. Easy fix though, already did it once. Just sucks. Wish I still had my 3DS.

pnnamerica 3 weeks ago

It has a flash card so I can play translated games. The one piece game sounds so cool. JumpStars is another amazing game that was never in US.

pnnamerica 3 weeks ago

Thanks for props.

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pnnamerica 1 month ago

One of your better episodes, better audio quality IMO.

Happy Fathers day!
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pnnamerica 3 months ago

I hope my father is dead in a ditch somewhere. Happy fathers day.

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always wondered why your username is 16 mega byte but the page says vrnn vr news network
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