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faslda i literally have issues w my site displaying on my laptop like. ill change the code and then it wont like. process?? and like ive been editing my site all day on my desktop and everything changes just fine and its up to date but its literally like stuck between my old design and my new one on my laptop LOL ITS SO UGLYYY but like?? it shows up fine on my phone?? is it just my laptop.. lmk
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30212 2 weeks ago

i'm late but i think it's just your laptop ? on my laptop it looks fine, maybe just hard refresh each page by pressing ctrl + shift + r ! it worked for me ! also i'll add your button to my site dsfgfd

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ludibrium 2 weeks ago

@30212 bruh thats so sad... but im glad its not displaying ugly af on most ppls screens LOL n omg ty for the advice imma try that :D i just added urs to mine too!! i didnt realize u had one before LOL

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i made a button :D its not that nice but.. i tried.. lil bit lol
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mace486 2 weeks ago

A lot better than my boring button lol, I like it.

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