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I personally like preservation because everybody archives some other stuffs of media files (including audio, documents, images and videos), software, games, websites, tech gadgets and more. But I dislike DNS-over-HTTPS over potential privacy and security concerns for fearing them from non-privacy companies like Cloudflare.
harvettfox96 2 years ago

Updated Linux-libre kernel version to 4.9.194-gnu-1-lts, and total count of installed packages.

harvettfox96 2 years ago

I liked ASIN (Filipino folk rock band) and the Internet Archive, and also I listed Facebook, Google and YouTube into neutral.

I'm no longer able welcoming to other four (major) web search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex from indexing results but good.
harvettfox96 2 years ago

UPDATE: Three others have been allowed nowadays.

harvettfox96 2 years ago

Postponed delay until late Septmber or early October due to slow progress.

Added hosted country flag images after text links entirely, except subdomains.
I've a bit improved my home page of our personal webpage, and then added gallery page which is currently under development to be completed until the 12th day of this month.

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