good memories are the hardest to keep.

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the masculine urge to say “yeah you are” when the size 0 brandy melville girl complains about how “fat” she is
disassociative444 1 year ago

im a girl but god can i relate.. i just wanna drop kick them to freakin mars

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people have been so conditioned to “not stare at people who are different” that nobody will even look at me or acknowledge my presence in any way when i go out in public and it makes me feel like i’m not even human
antikrist 1 year ago

i feel this 100%

infern0 1 year ago

this is the reason why i'm a social recluse. everyone makes me feel like a pariah.

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177013 4 months ago

I have cerebral palsy and people make long blank stares with disgusted faces at me in public. Sorry for replying to an 8 month old post just have no one to talk to.

i had the weirdest dysmorphia moment the other day where i saw my face in the mirror and stood there staring at myself for like 5 minutes bc i couldn't recognize my own face and was convinced i looked like adam sandler

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