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im a little curious how people add custom emojis to cbox
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meowii 4 days ago

i think if you go to and press add, you should be able to put the emojis image url there

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centis 4 days ago

@meowii WOAH TYSM

autoplaying music is so scary
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added ur button
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centis 1 week ago

lvoe ur site

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meowbark2000 6 days ago

thanks awesom site as well i added your button too :DD

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i wanna get a background for my journal section soon
swirl 1 week ago

if u want, u can check out the web links on my page, i have links for pixel bg archives if u wanna find som!

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centis 1 week ago

@swirl OK ILL LOOK TY :D

why is my neocities going in slow motion
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does anyone kow how to show live feed of ur lastfm i wanan do that

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