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1 like <<< this is the 12th edition, which I haven't tried. It should be cracked. Just search for other versions if this one doesn't work.
There is a good drag and drop website builder you can use called WYSIWYG. Usually they have a torrent for it. No HTML needed to use. The best program for novices I know by far.
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Anyway google custom search works with links that end with a '/" so you can use a subfolder to search. If you see a streaming site where movie links have in it "?" then the name of the movie, it is not as good because the search engine will be forced to search the main site rather it's subfolders.
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ariainvictus 6 years ago

So a website that has something like this "" would have to be used in the search engine like this "*" vs if the movie was linked like this "", you could put it in the search engine like this "*" instead. In other words your searches are more specific and less general by comparison.

i appreciate the help
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