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Phew, got through Vista Interiora in 9:45 and many savepoints. The ammo starvation made it tough. Glad I poked around all the lava tunnels for the secrets, and found that light switch. Well done. (the door in the library needs lower unpegged on the side tracks)
kidmarscat 17 hours ago

1. Whoa, did you play on UV? I made UV not trivial-hard but *crazy-hard* because I wanted to make it fun for veteran Doom players :P 2. Yeah, I fixed the door on my local version, haven't uploaded an update because I'm saving it for the "full" version of the WAD!

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dann 17 hours ago

Yeah. I tried to do UV-Max, but there wasn't enough ammo halfway through. Even getting past some of the necessary bits. Looking at the map, it seems I still missed a few goodies that would have helped, so I made my job much harder. Was a good challenge. I had to shut it off a few times, but then I got the urge to jump back in.

Hey your vanilla doom map was a huge help to me. The linedefs were getting rather confusing at first glance. Didn't realize you were on neocities
kidmarscat 21 hours ago

whoa! im beyond glad to hear that! i had the same experience when i started mapping for doom, and i wanted to help other people learn their linedefs better than having to experiment like i did. thanks for following, fam!

dann 20 hours ago

My pleasure. Working on a level pack, so every but helps. Figuring out custom textures and sprites now.

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