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Is it okay if I publish a list of every found dialpad numbers that are on your site? I have already finished the text file and basic page design (available on but want to have your permission before uploading.
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zorgbravle 3 years ago

It is to be noted that I will never actually link to any of the dialpad pages, but instead will simply have the numbers listed with a preview of the first sentence, making sure the viewers will be almost required to go to the dialpad from your home page.

2bit 3 years ago

I like this idea! You have my permission.

just wrote down every single 2Bit dialer number that doesnt result in 404 only to find out that at least one number goes up to 4 digits. GOD DAMN IT. Anybody know if there's already a list of every one of those phone number dial things? (thing in question: bottom of page)
zorgbravle 3 years ago

4-digit number is 4651 btw

zorgbravle 3 years ago

edit button isnt working for me right now, so i should note that i meant to say that some numbers arent reachable just from the numberpad, as said in phone # 854: "There may be some URLS you can't access by dialpad alone."

Hello World! EDIT: Hello Edit button!
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