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everybody gangsta till owlman hits 1M+ views
owlman 6 months ago

Crazy that I will hit that number soon

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Zorgbravle was updated.
6 months ago
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zorgbravle 6 months ago

Updated to coincide with 2Bit adding a new number, 829.

2bit 6 months ago

867 is another number.

Hey 2Bit! It's me again, the dialpad page is finished! Are those all of the combinations or is there still one for me to find? (
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zorgbravle 8 months ago

P.S: In the Fresh Prince of Bel Air page, you used emojis in the text which means that the page technically doesnt fit in the 2-bit aesthetic on most systems! (on my system I counted ~10 extra colors from the emojis)

2bit 8 months ago

I think those are all the combinations I made before my one year hiatus. A few days ago, I secretly added more

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2bit 8 months ago

The colors on your page are on par too. When I made the Fresh Prince Page, I think the emojis might have appeared in monochrome when I was using an older version of firefox. I'll look into fixing the colors

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