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Epic site! I like the style of it.
When you hear the phrase, "good flash games" what comes to mind? I made an archive of Hyperlink. Essentially just a mirror of the hyperlink posted on the Internet Archive by Owl "I love archives" Man (
zorgbravle 3 years ago

Important to note that this is an archive from July 2018. I think we added Pizza Squeeze later on, but I don't know if this has been backed up or is true.

63 more views!
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Two, one, two. Whatever will we do?
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Only 468 more to go!
scarbyte 3 years ago

switch the 8 and the 6 ;)

Zorgbravle was updated.
3 years ago
zorgbravle 3 years ago

Added 781.

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zorgbravle 3 years ago

Speaking of which, 7 should really stop eating numbers.

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2bit 3 years ago

I think you accidentally put 781 under 892.

zorgbravle 3 years ago

Holy short i'm blind

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