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hey there, i saw you commented on my site about how i got the winamp on my about page. i see you've figured it out, sorry i didn't reply sooner. keep in mind theres an issue with what sites you can link for the mp3 files, so i had to use catbox. and the skins, bc neocities doesnt allow that unless you have supporter.
bungeegum 2 months ago

(sorry for butting in, but-!) i was wondering how you got the music and your custom mouse on your website without being a supporter? im fairly new to html + css so i have not even an ounce of knowing how to do these things, and would love to know how~

vomitboyz 2 months ago

I saw in yr notes that u used catbox (I hope u dont mind that I browsed yr coding hehe~) so that's what I used for mine :> and I managed to use custom skins too

vomitboyz 2 months ago

Bungeegum, I am not sure if u asked myself or dokodemo, but I do this

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vomitboyz 2 months ago

html, body { cursor: url("INSERT CURSOR IMAGE HERE I USE POSTIMAGES PERSONALLY"), default; }

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dokodemo 2 months ago

@bungeegum , the custom cursor is a png image like @vomitboyz said, and i changed all classes with :hover to have a different pointer url. there should be a stackoverflow page on custom cursors. also! i use catbox to host the mp3 files, its a website!

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