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thanks for the follow! i love the theme of your site and i think its very cute :3 and i also enjoyed looking at your art!! i love the chinese dragon paintings, they were definitely my favorite :D
vixie 47 minutes ago

Youre welcome! Your site is super cool too! I love your style so much :P your about section was adorable as well

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I want to replace the Jinx pic on my sidebar but what with?? hmmmm
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Decided I dont wanna hot link anymore so I'm in the process of replacing hotlinked stuff!!
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Getting kind of tired of my pixel font what are some cute/cool fonts I can use for my site that match my style? If I can’t find/think of anything better I’ll just keep my pixels lol
vixie 2 hours ago

I’m fine with other pixel fonts btw just getting bored of this specific one

Hey I'm gonna add some more site buttons to my "misc" page comment if you wanna be added

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