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Should I add a dreamlog section to the writing area, or should I just include dreamlogs into my blog?
purplehello98 3 months ago

Personally, I made mine a different page entirely, so I'd probably go with the first, but maybe you could include it as a recurring segment of your blog.

VHS MARONITE was updated.
3 months ago
watchingforfire 3 months ago

Happy birthday. Do you actually feel 20? God bless you.

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I cannot avow your Protestantism, but it is a rare sight to see a Christian of any kind on this platform. Thanks for the follow, I'll try not to dissapoint.
takeapiece 4 months ago

It's all good. I'm down to talk about our differences if you want. I thought your site was cool and I like that you disliked freemasons.

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