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also lol ive been working on a new index page for a few months using 7.css and apparently everyone is doing that now sooo im going to die here
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5 months ago
vermiscera 5 months ago

firefox hates me btw it uses the nintendo ds font but a certain firefox security setting breaks it. should work on chrome and other browsers i think idk kill me

firefoxs privacy updates killed my custom font and im struggling to fix it lol i swear ive been poking at it
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6 months ago
vermiscera 6 months ago

nice the thumbnail looks like shit

i think my next task will be adding mutuals buttons to my marquee now that i have my own button. if you dont want me to add your button/take it down let me know! i have no problem removing it if youd like :-) edit: if i miss your button let me know also!
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vermiscera 1 year ago

well that was a pain in the ass

anyone have any recommendations for email providers? id like to provide one so visitors and mutuals can contact me if theyd like, but im not sure what to use. thanks in advance!
teethinvitro 1 year ago

Do you have any specific features in mind? Either way, Disroot is good.

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