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I have such a horrible eye-strain right now.
websitering 4 years ago

I've read a monochrome amber screen can reduce eye strain. (In relation to green monochrome screens.) :)

trapped was updated.
4 years ago
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trapped 4 years ago

Making a table describing my entire music collection was waste of time. I will just list genres (no artists) for less confusion.

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floppyjay 4 years ago

I liked the list, as I was able to see the artists we had in common.

deviin 4 years ago

it look so cool now tbh

It’s so hard trying to edit HTML on an iPhone.
floppyjay 4 years ago

Did it once on an Android, and never went back. It was nearly impossible to get anything simple done, especially when copying and pasting consisted of two second long tap-and-holds each time.

rainstormsinjuly 4 years ago

I've done it many times on an Android phone. I regretted it every time, and have no idea why I kept bothering.

Oh my goodness! Many thanks to those who have helped me reach over 2000 views
Love and Rockets. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.....a long time. :)
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