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Have you played Crossniq+ yet? It's like if Yoshi's Cookie were a Y2K Dreamcast game.
ACK... All the parts of the site I'm happiest with look kinda sorta terrible in other screen resolutions. x_x I really hope there's something I can do about that.
exosilver 47 minutes ago

time to learn Responsive Web Design if you want per-device layouts. resize your screen on for an example of what i mean

I have tried to avoid talking about this because TYC is a lighthearted space, but after seeing extremely concerning content TWICE, I must emphasize: People who consume content that is exploitative of children (you know what I'm referring to); People who are bigoted against the LGBT+; Anyone who aligns themself with the "right wing;" And anyone who supports OR excuses ANY of those things is NOT welcome here. Get lost.
theyoshiclubhouse 2 days ago

If you fit into any of those categories, then we are not and never will be friends. No tiptoeing around it with "but it's just fiction," or "I support the LGBT+, I just don't agree with their lifestyles," or any similar nonsense either. Block me, and don't ever interact with my site again.


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