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thelastmelon 1 month ago

Icon pages 1 & 2 updated. Since I finished my tables for dailyicons, I won't be updating page one anymore. All new icons will be on page 2, until it gets a bit too full, then I'll make a new page.

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thelastmelon 1 month ago

Added Up & Up (Vietnam sourced, haven't tried US sourced) notebooks. Added under "Excellent" and "Budget Recs".

thelastmelon 2 months ago

Updated some info on the Children of Litha tarot deck and the differences between the real thing and the counterfeits on Etsy, AliExpress, and Amazon.

thelastmelon 2 months ago

Found another deck being counterfeited all over Etsy. Added Children of Litha Tarot to the list with links to where to buy from the real creator.

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thelastmelon 3 months ago

Added 2 items to the Stolen Art page with links to their correct sellers, two tarot decks this time: Britt's Third Eye Tarot & The Spacious Tarot

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