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thelastmelon 8 hours ago

Added 1 of many batches of dolls I need to post, updated the links page with pixel & doll links, added a page for buttons from doll sites, and updated the dolls page for stuff me/my wife made.

thelastmelon 8 hours ago

Still need to do: the rest of the dolls batches, the rest of the decogal batches, scenery pixels, more number/letter sets, some more bgs, and various other pixel sets I need to organize...yeah, don't know when that's gonna get done. lol

Thanks for 10K views!
thelastmelon 1 week ago

Finally got around to organizing the NSFW decogal pixels. Obviously, entire page is NSFW. I'll put upa NSFW warning on the main Scraps page as well.

thelastmelon 1 week ago

The spicy welcoming tiger has been upgraded.

thelastmelon 1 week ago

added some buttons.

thelastmelon 1 week ago

and cars. think i'm done for tonight.

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thelastmelon 1 week ago

I posted a few edits of decogal pixels. I have a bunch I need to post, but I've been lazy in organizing them all.

thelastmelon 1 week ago

Added some sites to the links page and a few more letters/numbers sets.

thelastmelon 1 week ago

added more sites on the links page and made a page for pixel letters and numbers sets

Thanks for following! Love your site! :)
thelastmelon 2 weeks ago

updated the links page and added some palace style dolls I made when testing old archive links

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