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Working on a new look and new contents for the site, no updates for a while. - F
letslearntogether 3 weeks ago

While I think we should be cautious when meeting people (whether on the Internet or in real life), you do not seem to be a creeper or a weirdie. I also enjoy your writing. It is quite eloquent...Ok, I'll shut up now before I look like a weirdie. Probably too late for that. Haha

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sanhyo 3 weeks ago

furnace my dude you're one of the first people i've had any kind of interaction on this site and your site is very dear to me. just do what you want, talk about whatever you want. i'm positive that no one thinks you're a weirdo or a dull person, trust me on that. be well and i hope you have a nice day.

strangecrust 2 weeks ago

Furnie I think you're one of the better writers in the community, maybe you just can't see the forest for the trees in regards to your site. Take some time away as needed and don't worry about the site for a bit. Hit me up on discord, i'm always good for a chat with ya.

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