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5 days ago
turns out im a maladaptive daydreamer. i had no idea what I was doing was this, especially since im actually familar with the term. Turns out whenever i have to "sit and think" about my characters and their stories etc etc. its actually MD. to me whenever people say they have OCs, I always assumed they were as deeply and emotionally connected to them as I am.
teamusa 5 days ago

to further elaborate. I often at night will vividly daydream of scenarios with my characters and theyre so vivid at time I can literally like?? emotionally connect and have strong emotions of my own? its really weird. At the same time I sort of feel bad for people who cant do this with their characters cause they'll never have an extremely deep or lifelife connection to them.

teamusa 5 days ago

been doing this for a while now... definitely a result from my extreme stress phase of school i had last year

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2 weeks ago
i literally love your art sm!
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teamusa 2 weeks ago

thank you!

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