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You have some really good links there! =D
You have some broken images on your 2017 page. Beginning with "abridged theater presents". Haven't seen such a long single page in a while. You've got the 90s homepage thing down pat, for sure. *thumbs up*
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kenny46140 10 months ago

Naw, it works. It's just for grins. Cool-Cool. Thanks.

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kenny46140 10 months ago

Get it workin'? I see the 'like', there. Yeah, it's been there over a year. Never heard any probs ever. Maybe some neocities folks don't get the idea of that page, but my fam & friends do. Will check out yer page(s) soon. Am kinda busy now. Thanks, again.

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tansied 10 months ago

After your first comment I thought maybe the broken images were deliberate, for purpose of irony (which is a thing these days).

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kenny46140 10 months ago

I understand. I could see where one might think that. That page might've jammed-up like that once. I just refreshed or closed then re-opened it. It's kinda goofy and just for grins.

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kenny46140 9 months ago

Forgot this; the "90's" look? I thought it looked more "80's" but centered.

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