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i wish there was a better way to block people :/ This dude below me followed, but i dont fuck with his site. And tbh dont want him following me, but the blocking feature doesn't seem to exactly work.
sugarspit 1 month ago

My brain doesn't comprehend the clusterfuck of that website, i just want to smoke weed and vent online bro. Not get involved with your NATO conspiracies. Fuck the man, fuck capitalism.

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i dunno what ur site is bro, but i dont fuck with it
SugarSpit was updated.
2 months ago
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Turns out i'm an idiot. (as always) I have to edit in chrome, Opera GX isn't as friendly. no biggie in the end
Shakes Neocities visciously
sugarspit 3 months ago

I hit view page and it doesnt show how my codes been updated on the page, i've been sitting here in the main activities page force reloading so i can squint at the preview window. Before going back and trying to fiddle with the coding.

Neocities please I just want to see that the page is updated, screaming

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