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You still have over a week left to write or doodle something awesome for the third issue of Ear Rat Magazine! Theme is "Ripped Off" full info at
Site's back up. Weird thing, the name got changed in the process, must've been something with the wires.
elaboraet 1 week ago

welcome back bro

nanempire 1 week ago

i miss shiitakeworsthand dot neocities dot com

strangecrust 6 days ago

me too, nan. me too.

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thefurnace 6 days ago

what a strange crust

Toe Jam and Earl is an essential to play on Genesis! Hope you find it. Play everything you can, Genesis and SNES were crazy fun
oh also - neocities offers a fairly ominous warning to not change your username because it breaks search engines - has anyone done this before?
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dann 1 week ago

The main concern is that changing your username, also changes your URL, which is the basis for most of the search engine records. Plus all the links to your site will be broken until updated and you pretty much start from scratch as far as the crawlers are concerned.

strangecrust 1 week ago

thanks, Dann. I'm off to do some pondering

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using other web hosting things makes me remember why i like neocities so much, but also it reminds me how bad i am at web design and coding.
elaboraet 1 week ago

very true. I still have a domain running some cms version of my site, but it just doesn't feel the same as neocities. feels lonely out there

haxrelm 1 week ago

I used to use Weebly. It was horrible. Glad I discovered Neocities


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