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hastiesthandiwork 3 months ago

sup storky, the madville link on testimonials is broken, just an fyi

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stork 3 months ago

just fixed the broken link, i had forgotten to add "https://" to the start of the url

merry christmas everyone! expect the testimonials page to be uploaded by tomorrow. also i've been working on a tabletop game to put on so expect that at some point in the future.
i'm looking to create a testimonials page, so submissions are open. did this website help you win the lottery or acquire 50% whiter teeth? give your thoughts below.
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madville 3 months ago

"I've been visiting storko's smorgasbord for the last 15 years, and it has improved my Dr. Mario game immensely. Now, T-Spins are no problem at all!"

hastiesthandiwork 3 months ago

"Storkler created the greatest website ever and if you don't like it you can try I hear that site is good too. Not as good as the Smorg, though. Okay Stork, is that good enough? You can send me that Paypal now."

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