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menmy 2 months ago

seriously??? i hyperfocus when i'm programming something or studying, i keep forgetting to eat though until i have like 1 brain cell left

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stork 2 months ago

i only hyperfocus when i'm writing or making graphics, i can't get in the zone when programming bc i end up having to google things or stop because of problems i encounter which breaks my flow.

i think "the wonders of wonder trading" is the most oddly specific article i've written on this site so far.
stork 2 months ago

fixed an instance where i used the wrong "its" because it was bothering me, but other than that this was a write-only article crafted in the midst of medium-level brain fog.

fluffyhyena 2 months ago

Fascinating! I guess if Dreepy's evo is popular in competitive circles, the amount of Dreepy might be to people just farming them for the IVs and then trading them away when they don't get the IVs they want? Beats releasing them I guess!

stork 2 months ago

yeah i think a lot of it is shiny hunting and iv farming, so i get why people trade them away but...just the sheer amount of them is strange and funny. duraludon is another pokemon that seems to be a competitive staple this gen but i've only recieved 3 in surprise trade for comparison.

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stork 2 months ago

to this day i have yet to encounter a dreepy in the wild, he's my surprise trade buddy only.

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uploaded the index page for my "prospectin' for gold" series, i'm working on an article about wonder trading/surprise trading right now for it, but I have a feeling it'll be long so expect it posted tomorrow instead of today.

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