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some of these article topics remind me of that one conspiracy iceberg image that floats around, with the vaguest/silliest yet most ominous sounding stuff towards the bottom.
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nugget 1 month ago

:) thanks for following

stork 1 month ago was having loading issues on fortune teller gb so i went back to using google fonts. oh and i realized my talkin' about: naps article had the wrong page title, so i fixed that too, alongside today's actual updates.

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stork 1 month ago

philosophical question: if you update at midnight with an article, is it a february 26th work or is it really a february 25th one because you spent the bulk of time working on it then?

frogesay 1 month ago

It’s whatever the hell lets you get away with doing less work. My years of experience tells me that people are apt to check your website the day after something is expected to be published. So if I publish something on 22:00 Feb. 26, I chalk it up as the 26th so I have the next day off.

stork 1 month ago

the generator i'm working on is a bootleg game title generator. now if i could only get this congestion to go away...

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