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I love that we, as a neocities dot org community, collectively love blue monday by New Order.
nekojiru 3 years ago

It's a good song.

laguerreestfinie 3 years ago

Great song. Love New Order in general.

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...Did I imagine that there were a bunch of suspicious cryptocurrency accounts or were they banned? That was something.
joppiesaus 3 years ago

You are correct. The site was called "ethereum-prize", the page said if you transferred 0.5 ETH to the address you *might* get 15 ETH back. The site also had copies of it, with names such as "mario" and "japan", following the main site. The site used to be a game called "physicube", which is why it had many followers. Source:

spacemako 3 years ago

Thank you for confirming this! I had never seen something like it. I did think the other accounts ('mario', 'japan') were taken over... I had no idea that the site was originally a game!

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