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What a certain blogger said is true... Loona is truly the next BTS. Amazing.
spacemako 3 years ago

It's ok because BlockBerry is actually giving them good songs and videos. It's still... strange to see people who weren't invested in K-pop stan them so hard? What was it that convinced you guys?

nekojiru 3 years ago

I hear all this talk about Loona and BTS.... but no love for my gal OOHYO. Sad.

spacemako 3 years ago

OOHYO is super adorable! I hadn't listened to her music well. She doesn't get talked about because soloists don't have as much as ~mainstream appeal as groups do, for some reason. What's yr favorite OOHYO song?

sicklycarpet 3 years ago

soloists never do have as much appeal as groups in any music, i mean be it eastern or western music

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