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I went to a student march and I had to go home early cuz the police turned violent (we were standing around with signs and blocking a highway) and started throwing shit at us/beating us up. Now there's a wave of news outlets saying we were being violent and breaking stuff and civilians casually saying we all should be killed, the fuck. Is this what being a victim of #fakenews feels like );
spacemako 1 year ago

I'm just in awe of the cruel shit people were saying about us ("I hope they don't get the budget they're asking for!" "Kill those good-for-nothings who want to be given everything for free"). Like, I know, we've been conditioned to accept whatever people in power throw at us and disapprove of whoever dares to stand up and 'disrupt' our calm, miserable daily lives... But it's still pretty fucking unbelievable ):

yudosai 1 year ago

Damn! I'm sorry to hear that. I was a part of a student union in my last year of highschool, and my predecessors blocked a city thourough-faire, but nothing ever happened beyond petty bullshit, but this is insane! Man it sucks when people think they can treat students like this.

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