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okay so i just noticed that both of my shrines on my site are broken and i cant upload the files to fix them??
solitarygamer 11 hours ago

okay i fixed it by having to delete and re-add the folders. that was fuckin weird

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so with my worldbuilding project being public & with the site I'm hosting it on hosting a challenge for writers, I have decided to put my albums on Bandcamp on sale! Use "summercamp2024" on checkout!!!!
solitarygamer 2 weeks ago

gonna update my site too to put emphasis on the project & the sale lol

Updated my website to properly link to two of my albums, AND a link to my new project: Withered Worlds!
scarecat 1 month ago

really cool project!

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been busy, I don't have an exact timeframe for when my worldbuilding project will be unveiled, nor for anything else like an album I've been working on. but rest assured, they will both come!
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Updated my website with link to new album on there, look in the music tab!
i approve
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solitarygamer 3 months ago

this was mostly just me updating my kofi, changed the link and shit :3

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there's something funny to me that people are genuinely hoping that Federiefederi is just doing an April fools joke
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