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Hiya folks, feel free to join the unofficial Neocities discord and say hi or just lurk forever:
catcatproductions 4 days ago

Gotta get on this soon :)

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thefurnace 3 days ago

it's pretty cool, all the cool kids hang out there, not like those social media dweebs

David Blue: Zine Printer Extraordinaire
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Not at the moment. Are you from Philly?
shiitakeworsthand 4 days ago

Not at the moment

hi. found you cause commented on my comment and im trying to find lots of new people. your words very VERY good. thank you.
shiitakeworsthand 4 days ago

welcome aboard friendo

davidblue 5 days ago

There is something so ridiculously elemental about this site that makes it extremely likable. Bravo.

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Hello, I linked to you because you are cool and good, and I'm a sucker for barebones word-focused blogs. Please keep writing. o7
shiitakeworsthand 1 week ago

Howdy - thank you for the kind words. Your site is also my kinda vibe, I will be reading through it in the coming days

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