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Life & other interests got in the way of updating my website. I swear I'll update it this month
sharkba1t 1 year ago

added art page. Planned feature: a tag filtering systme for the art page

It's been a while since I updated the site. I plan on working on the art section and fixing the sidebar on a smaller screen. It's gonna be fun! lol
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sharkba1t 1 year ago

Did a quick bandaid fix to the sidebar. I would have to heavily modify the design to make it fit for a smaller screen height.

Website update (4/20): - Finish home.html - Adjust styles: 1. Make sidebar sticky 2. Adjust margin and paddings
Update 4/19/22: - Move the project from Next.js to vanilla HTML/CSS/JS because getting a working production build from Next.js was a nightmare.

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