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I'm considering the best way to do the following feature, as well:
sectorcity 2 months ago

I'd prefer not to do a redirect, so I'm finding other ways to manage this. But it will not be offered until the Sectors have proper names.

billsworld 2 months ago

The only other way I know of is a server redirect (301 permanent or 302 temporary) but you can only do that with an .htaccess file on an apache server. NeoCities isn't on on an apache server and you can't make an .htaccess file on these servers.

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billsworld 2 months ago

also redirects are bad for SEO (If you even care for such a thing)

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sectorcity 2 months ago

I, myself, do not. But I can see users not finding it favorable.

After a little organizing, a new survey has been added to the top of the page for new applicants, OR you an apply directly by clicking here:
Added! Thanks for your submission. And yes, the section is the right place! I changed the description to reflect that.
Dear Residents. Thanks again for all of your support. We've introduced the first round/set of categories with a first-draft description. New additions are: Collectables, Sports and Lifestyle&Travel. Please take a look at the updated descriptions. If any other section calls to you let me know if you'd like to change sector. Much thanks!
whywhyyy 2 months ago

I love the table, thank you for adding it.

sectorcity 2 months ago

Thanks. More improvements to come.

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The first defined footprint of a Sector. The as-of-yet-to-be-named "Miscellaneous" Thanks to the residents for your feedback.

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