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You've been added. Welcome to Sector City. And thanks for the support.
melodicake 2 months ago

thank you! and no problem, i love the directory!

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Sector City was updated.
2 months ago
billsworld 2 months ago

what browser are you using? Firefox has your text all jumbled up?

sectorcity 2 months ago

Hi Billsworld. I'm using Chromium. The text -should- be jumbled/lumped together right now. This is just an experiment with formatting a table as a map. Firefox should allow you to remove the style sheet to see.

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sectorcity 2 months ago

Got a lot more editing to do before deploying this as a feature.

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Hi there, Burstintotreats. I'm going over your application now. Broadcast is more for regular content. By the metrics (and I can update this to be more clear for other applicants) It seems your site would be best filed as "Personal." Is this okay with you?
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burstintotreats 2 months ago

Sure thing, thank you for such a quick response.

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sectorcity 2 months ago

Done. Thanks so much for your support.

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