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Hi. I was a bit dumb and didn't put a space for asking for URL. Were you 315?
billsworld 3 months ago

To me honest I was logged in as Neo-Neighborhoods when I did the survey... but yes I want 315 for Bill's World.

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sectorcity 3 months ago

Taken care of. Welcome. And thanks for the support.

This might be promising... I wouldn't mind combining Neo-Neighborhoods and Area-51 with this... or making them somehow connected to it. Also Bill's World could reside on one of the blocks if you have a scifi fantasy zone. Edit: the areas need names and nothing is wrong with the original names that GeoCities used!
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sectorcity 3 months ago

Bill I'm definitely taking the SciFi/Fantasy area into consideration. It was such a heartbeat from Geocities. Truth be told, Neo-Neighbrhoods was inspiration for this. I want to branch a bit differently than the way geocities did things, with an emphasis on discovery and location. Still early days though. I hope we find things to work on, if not directly together than definitely complimentary to one another.

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billsworld 3 months ago

If nothing else I would like to interconnect the Neo-Neighborhood with your blocks I have a twisted vision of sorts if you want to discuss it with use my contact page to get back to me and we can discuss this privately by email. :)

sectorcity 3 months ago

Dear Bill. It is too early for me to want to try anything collaborative. I have a vision I would really like to deploy first.

Updated interest/registration link. - PS this won't be called "field" in the end.

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