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934 - Science Fiction & Fantasy... description: "He's here to save every one of us! Heroic earthling Flash Gordon protects the world from the nefarious Ming the Merciless on the treacherous planet Mongo!" Thanks for your time.
sectorcity 3 months ago

I don't know how I missed this. But I got your updated one. Sorry for the double work.

963 - Science Fiction & Fantasy: Description, ""Information on the popular British science fiction television series Doctor Who, including -- information on all the Doctors and a complete on-line program guide." Appreciated.
sectorcity 3 months ago

I don't know how I missed this. But I got your most recent post. Sorry for the double work.

315 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Description: "I'm stuck in 1999 on GeoCities! So, I've made a time portal so you future people can visit my site." Thanks.
thanks so much! last night I dreamt we met in person and you told me I said too much. in my dream you said you should change the survey to say a few words instead of a few sentences heh
sectorcity 3 months ago

Descriptions let people know what's in store. A few sentences seems just right to me.

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Hi there! You've been added. Thanks for the support!
hhgreggcult 3 months ago

Thank you for adding me!

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