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I have a question...! I'm considering either A.) Making a website specifically for my characters/comic series or B.) Using this site to host that stuff. I'm not sure which to do so any input would be appreciated... thankyou!
onionroom 7 months ago

you should probably make another site for a comic series, just for storages sake

tigurisu 7 months ago

I think either option should be okay, it would just change the overall vibe of the content I think! One thing to keep in mind though is that to have multiple domains on neocities you have to be a supporter which is $5/a month, so I don't know if that affects your decision!

5amgirlfriend 7 months ago

if your current site is well organised, then i'd just host it on the same one. however if it's all messy behind the scenes (like mine lol) then i'd start a new one! and tigurisu is right-- it may be wise to look into becoming a neocities supporter.


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