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All going well, publishing a small new project this evening/tonight that you can use to generate content for your website and boost user engagement :D!
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1 year ago
sckewi 1 year ago

Just a slight adjustment to the CSS.

sckewi 1 year ago

Also, just noticed the "Common Dates..." had expired as I forgot to update them. xD I've sorted it so now in JS those dates are automatically updated, so I don't have to keep updating them manually.

sckewi 1 year ago

Oh and whaddaya know it's exactly 200 days till Christmas lol. 🎄 ❄ 🎄 ⛄

Should be posting a blog entry tomorrow called "Top 10 Things Pokemon Sword and Shield Did Right". I've written it, just putting together some pointless screenshots and logos for it now and doing a final splelign chcek. Hopefully fellow Pokemon fans might like it. If not, at least I've killed some time. :D
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