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🔙 Actually, scratch my previous post! I'll be updating Copy & Paste Emojis soonish based on some feedback👂 I received 🔧.
Well, I think I'll leave the emoji project there for now, and go back and finish my backlog of three other projects, the last two of which were both projects I started after abandoning the previous one half way through 😆.
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sckewi 6 months ago

Copy and Paste Emojis for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, instant messengers, etc! Fully working, but there are a few issues on mobile I need to sort out :). Oh and, they work here on Neocities too! 😺🖐🌼🍊☕

Publishing a project later today which contains 1670 files lol. I hope Neocities uploader can handle it xD!
User Account system is almost done. If I don't manage to finish it this weekend, pretty sure next weekend. This turned out to be more work than I expected xD. Early screenshot:
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sckewi 8 months ago

Not sure when it happened, but just discovered this page in this project was broken. So I've re-uploaded it, fixed.

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An early version of Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge is out. Been using it for a day. So far it's as fast as Chrome and no crashes. Only issue for me is the collision with the mouse on the favourites bar seems a bit off.
I know you're gonna make a blog post on this but is your user thing entirely in static javascript? If not what external things are you using?
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sckewi 9 months ago

I'm using 000webhost to host my own PHP script, which JavaScript on my Neocities site sends requests to and parses the response. My site/upcoming projects will continue to be a static site first and foremost, but in some projects the account system will provide some extra features to logged in users as an additional, but optional layer.

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