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Good day's progress + not much left on Static Ultra's todo. I think tomorrow I will be finished coding Static Ultra itself. Then I need to... finish the Static Ultra website (documentation, theme), finish the default theme that ships with SU, make 2 additional themes, implement into my own site, and finally publish (blog entry and so on). You can see its current state at:
sckewi 7 months ago

Fair amount of progress today. Site wide, theme specific and page specific sheets and scripts are done. Re-usable HTML blocks are done. I've updated the documentation a bit (I'm doing this as I go it helps me keep track of what I'm doing xD). Code is much tidier. Just one big job that should speed up subsequent page loads and get rid of that flicker. Then it's just finalising and publishing. So hopefully soon! :D

"Introducing Windows 11, it's like Windows 10, except it has border-radius:8px;!"
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sckewi 7 months ago

Just a quick update today, I've ditched Disqus and restored my custom user account system, SSN, again. xD I've also adjusted it so that it's more of an additional "layer" to the site, and it no longer requires a cookie to function. Anyway, I'll be back onto Static Ultra soon!

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Hey all, apologies for the delay on Static Ultra. I got some done but didn't quite finish version 1. xD I've uploaded what I've done, which includes a fixed breadcrumb and re-usable HTML blocks, as well as folders e.g. I'm aiming to get it finished and downloadable/usable THIS weekend now.

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