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So I've just discovered, instead of declaring JS class variables with 'this.SomeVar = "Whatever;"' and referring to it throughout the class as 'this.SomeVar', I can just use 'var SomeVar = "Whatever";' and refer to it simply as 'SomeVar' (no 'this.').
sckewi 4 months ago

This will make it a private variable, but in most cases that's fine. And it will make for much more readable code, and less typing! Not sure how I overlooked this in the first place... Oh well!

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Copy & Paste Emojis V 1.1.0 - You can now build a group of emojis at once. You can reorder them, delete individual ones and copy the entire group to your clipboard in one go! This should reduce back and forth between it and your target site/app. 👍👍👍 The update hasn't appeared on my profile for some reason, so here's the links:
sckewi 5 months ago

I hope people find the app and the latest update useful. 😊

Yaaay my Copy & Paste Emoji app is starting to get a few hits. Now making it has gone from "complete waste of time" to "MAYBE not a COMPLETE waste of time". xD
voov 5 months ago

I am finding it very useful.

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sckewi 5 months ago

That's great to hear, thank you! 🙂

sckewi 6 months ago

Nothing "new", just done some code reorganizing. All javascript and CSS is now loaded and initialized in one place. There is now no inline JS in any page. The HTML is now all indented properly (well, my preferred way xD). And behind the scenes the PHP script I made to generate my site is more organised. Next I'll get back on with working on some actual content xD.

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