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sckewi 5 months ago

Just the beginnings of an attempt to spruce the layout up a little and make it less plain. Figured I'd upload what I'd done. More to come at some point. xD

sckewi 5 months ago

If you've created a Personality Test for your website using this app, feel free to advertise it at: :D

Woot, my new Personality Test Maker is on the first page on Google for "personality test maker" and the fourth for "create personality test". Not a bad start! xD Create a Personality Test for your website at: :D
sckewi 5 months ago

Want more visitors? Want help getting your visitors to be engaged with your website? Create a Personality Test with my brand new Personality Test Maker! You are given the complete HTML, CSS and JS for your Quiz, it's yours forever! For more information, visit: I hope you find this project useful!

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