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sckewi 2 months ago

Finally posted my Astral Chain review. Such a great game. Hope someone out there finds the review useful! :D

Site and projects moved back, SSN back online, which means I'm officially fully moved back to Neocities. Woooo! 🥳🎉 In the process I also dramatically sped up EasyDex Crystal's initial load lol. I did something daft which made it take ages before, now that's fixed!
📣 I'm currently transitioning my site back. Having some slight issues with SSN, and I need to transfer my projects over, but it's midnight, I've been coding all day, so ima fix in the morning. Very glad to be back on Neocities though! :D
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When I bought my new paid hosting it was a kind of impulse Black Friday purchase. I'm not really fussed about having a top level domain. The other features I can get for free between NC and 000WH, and I just miss Neocities. So, I'll be moving my site back here before the year's out lol.

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